We all know how truly amazing our Scouting parents are. They go above and beyond, and they constantly ask what they can do and how they can help.

In many ways, they are our best asset to help demonstrate the value of the Boy Scouts of America and to talk about what this great organization means to American communities.

So, we want to make you all aware of a newly-formed group called “BSA Parents” that has just launched on digital and social media.

The group was formed by and is run by parents of Scouts. The group came together so parents can use the Internet and social media to talk about what Scouting means to them. As you can imagine, this is powerful stuff — we're excited to share their launch video and site here: https://www.bsaparents.com and on social media (please see bottom of this article).

We also want to let you know that while BSA helped with some seed funding to get them off the ground, this is an independent organization. They are not affiliated with BSA and they formed to help parents tell their stories. It has no dues, it offers no programs, and is not competitive in any way with our Councils. Their mission and stories are ones we want to support!

We are excited to see so many people taking up the message of Scouting. We hope that you will share this site and these videos with parents in your area. More people need to see and hear from the parents who are so involved with — and so passionate about — Scouting. The BSA’s character building programs are essential for our youth and we are excited for parents to help propel that message forward.

BSA Parents on social media:
Twitter: @BSAparents
Facebook: www.facebook.com/BSAparents
Instagram: @bsaparents
Youtube: www.youtube.com/BSAParents

Come join us for the last Salt Valley District Roundtable before summer. This month we will be at the Cornhusker Council Outdoor Education Center (600 South 120 St.). There will be some additional training prior to roundtable.

The Cornhusker Council is pleased to announce the selection of John Sumner as Scout Executive, effective June 16, 2019.

John began his Scouting career as District Executive at the Denver Area Council in Denver Colorado, and he moved on to become the Sr. District Executive and later Field Director with the Northernstar Council, St. Paul, Minnesota. J

The Properties Committee is looking for skilled workers to help with the house project in the following fields:

Drywall hangers and finishers
Skilled trades for installing tile
Skilled trades for installing cabinets
Skilled trades for installing wood floors

If you are interested in helping out or if you know someone that would be willing to help in these areas, please email Mark Huenink (mark.huenink@scouting.org) so he can try to line it up!