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Internet Rechartering

Changes for the upcoming charter year

The Cornhusker Council is adjusting the re-charter dates for units so that the annual chartering cycle will better mirror the program year of a Scout unit.  In order to make this change, this year’s re-charter will be a 7-month charter (January 1st, 2021-July 31st, 2021).  Then in May of 2021, we will go through the process again to complete a regular 12-month charter which will be in effect from August 1st-July 31st annually.  There are Membership Fee increases that went into effect August 1st, so for this re-charter period, you will only see a pro-rated portion of fees being charged.  This does not change the fee, only the timing in which your unit will have to submit the full fees.  Fee information is provided with this notice to help you plan your re-charter process.

7-month Prorated fees (January thru July 2021):

  • Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, and Venturing – Youth - $5.50 per month = $38.50
  • Adults – $3.50 per month = $24.50
  • Explorers - Youth and Adults; $3.50 per month = $24.50
  • Charter application fee (per charter season) = $75.00
  • Youth that are new to scouting will be assessed an additional $25 along with their pro-rated registration fees associated with the renewal.

To access the Unit Charter Renewal System (UCRS):

Required documents to turn in to the council to finalize the renewal process:

  1. All pages of the "Unit Charter Renewal Report Package" the "Draft" version will NOT be accepted. (consider printing one sided for convenience)
  2. BSA Adult or Youth applications for everyone listed as “new” on page one of the Charter Renewal Report Package. Adult applications MUST include a signed Disclosure/Authorization form and have completed YPT
  3. JTE forms and Friends of Scouting presentation date are also suggested to be turned in at this time
  4. Payment:  One check -- made payable to Boy Scouts of America


  • All final paperwork must include appropriate signatures on all adult and youth applications and on the Charter Renewal Application. The lack of appropriate signatures may prevent processing of your unit’s charter renewal.
  • Please confirm that every adult leader has current YPT before turning in the final renewal paperwork. Youth Protection Training is required for all adult leaders and must be completed every two years. Check dates to ensure no expirations prior to 2/28/21.
  • Additional useful forms (Membership Inventory, Unit Budget Plan, New Youth & Adult Applications, etc.) may be found on and can be printed and used to assist in the completion of your unit’s 2021 charter renewal.
  • All Adults are required to turn in the new “Additional Disclosures & Background Check Authorization” form. Please return these forms to your unit leader or council office.


October 2020—Meeting with Charter Organization executive officer to:

  • Discuss success and needs of unit
  • Review role of the charter partner and local council
  • Consider key unit personnel to determine replacements, additions, and recognition

October 2020 - Conduct membership inventory of youth and adults.  Visit or make contact with every inactive youth and adult.  Recruit additional youth and submit applications to the Council Service Center.
October 2020—Charter renewal meeting that identifies youth and adults to re-charter, complete forms, and collects fees. 

November 1, 2020—Log in to Internet Advancement Version 10 to complete recharter.
November 2, 2020—Submit paperwork and money into office. (Check with your district commissioner for additional district turn in dates, times, and locations.)