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2024 Membership Plan

A great marketing campaign combines powerful imagery and a consistent message. This year we are excited to showcase the "Adventure On" recruitment campaign. Marketing materials include fliers, posters, web banners, custom emails, social media images, postcards, and much more.

Additional resources are available on the Marketing and Membership Hub.

Populate your BeAScout Pin
BeAScout is an online portal for prospective new families to find out about Scouting programs in their neighborhoods. Simply go to and type in your zip code to find the closest Scouting in your area. YOU CAN HELP… Please follow this tutorial and update your Scout Pin.  It’s crucial to the success of the Scouting Program especially this year. Please update your PINs this month. Start the tutorial by clicking on the image below

Click here to watch the tutorial

Membership Trainings

Managing Online Registration

Cub Scout Recruitment Resources

Promotional Resources

Marketing for School Night is most effective when it utilizes multiple platforms. Whether it's coverage in your local newspaper or an online recruitment campaign, packs should take advantage of every opportunity to promote themselves. 

2023 Fall Cub Scout Recruitment Plan

Key Dates:

3 August Roundtable  - Membership Training, incorporate “Scout Talk demo”, distribute support materials, update pins and request flyers. (Order Flyers Here)

10 August All LPS Safe Walk to School: Get prepared for open house booths at schools that allow it.

21-31 August Flyers go out at Schools

11 Sept Patriots Day “all units at participating schools” Flag presentation

11-15 Sept Scout Spirit Week

No Later Than (NLT) 14 Sept all units have 1st Sign up for Scouting  Night

23 Sept Cub Scout Day of Awesomeness at the OEC.



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