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Colby Ridge Popcorn

2023 Spring Sale with Colby Ridge Popcorn

SPRING SALE 2023 - TROOPS can have an opportunity to raise funds for your Summer Scouting Adventures!

The Cornhusker Council is partnering with Colby Ridge again to bring an exciting opportunity with a local product for Scouts to earn their own way.  Colby Ridge has designed products specifically for the Spring Sale!  (These will NOT be the products or pricing we use for the Fall) The purpose of this sale is to give Scouts BSA and Webelos aged Scouts a chance to earn their way in Scouting without the competition Cub aged Scouts.  We hope that ALL OLDER SCOUTS will take the opportunity to raise funding important to keep Scouting moving in 2023!

This is designed as a quick and easy way for Units to help Scouts raise money!

  • Base Commission is 35%
    • No Prize Program - Units/Scouts earn more $$
    • Drawing for a PS5!!! For every $500 a Scout Sells - their name will be entered into a drawing for a PS5!
  • Not an Intensive Kernal Commitment
  • This can be a Take Order only sale, OR you can order some project ahead and a final order at the end. 
  • We are allowing Packs to sell, 2nd Year Webelos ONLY, but Packs must agree to also sell in the Fall. (If you have special circumstances that you feel your Pack needs to sell in the Spring Sale also, please reach out to your District Executive.)
  • Individual Scouts BSA Scouts, whose Unit is not selling, may sign up to sell, but the money will be sent to the Unit, or applied directly to a Council Event (Summer Camp, etc). If there are more than 2 Scouts from a Unit, they must have someone coordinating (Kernel) the sale from the Unit. 



March 9th - Preorder Date

March 16th - Pickup

March 17th--SALE STARTS!!!

April 6th - Final Order Date

April 13th - Pickup Date

April 28 - Money Due


Spring products and pricing:

Original Caramel - $ 5.00

8 Pack Micro Butter - $15.00

Salted Caramel/Cheese Combo - $10.00

8-Pack Microwave Kettle - $15.00


Popcorn Sales Information


The Popcorn Sale is a “win-win” situation for everyone! Our Scouts have an opportunity to earn money to help pay for their Scout Adventures or any other Scouting programs. Our units can earn much-needed dollars to deliver that quality program that keeps the Scouts engaged and parents from having to pay for every little thing. Our Council can continue the many programs and events that we provide because popcorn sales program supports a major portion of our operating budget.

Last year in the Cornhusker Council alone, some units participating in popcorn sales were able to fund all of their programs with this Council sponsored fundraiser.


Our Products

For More Information

For more information about Popcorn Sales, contact Michelle Austin at the Council Service Center or send an email to


Why Our Scouts Sell Popcorn