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Why Our Scouts Sell Popcorn


The Popcorn Sale is a “win-win” situation for everyone! Our Scouts have an opportunity to earn money to help pay for their Scout Adventures or any other Scouting programs. Our units can earn much-needed dollars to deliver that quality program that keeps the Scouts engaged and parents from having to pay for every little thing. Our Council can continue the many programs and events that we provide because popcorn sales program supports a major portion of our operating budget.

To make sure your Unit is selling popcorn this Fall, please reach out to your Unit Leaders!!

Last year in the Cornhusker Council alone, some units participating in popcorn sales were able to fund all of their programs with this Council sponsored fundraiser.

Spin To Win Entries!

Don't forget to submit your sales sheets after you hit $1,250 for the SPIN TO WIN EVENT!  You must be one of the first 100 entries to be invited to this popular, and fun event full of prizes, food, and fellowship!  Once you are entered, for every $1,000 you sell, you get another spin!  ($2,250 = 2 spins, $3,250 = 3 spins, etc...)  You can submit your sales sheets, (make sure they have a name and Unit number) either by email to, fax to 402-488-6051, or drop a copy off at the office.  You don't want to miss out!


Tools for Selling

For More Information

For more information about Popcorn Sales, contact Michelle Austin at the Council Service Center or send an email to


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