Friends of Scouting (FOS)

Each year the Cornhusker Council conducts a Friends of Scouting (FOS) campaign to raise unrestricted operating dollars to cover, in part, the annual expenses involved in the operations of our council. We have known for years that there are individuals, businesses, corporations, and trusts that desire to create and maintain a connection with the council through the giving of financial resources to Scouting. The unrestricted financial gifts are given with the understanding that the council will use these dollars as needed to ensure the continuation of a quality Scouting program for the youth of our area.

The dollars raised through the FOS Campaign allow us to...keep activity costs to a minimum, operate a Service Center to support our youth and leaders, and provide a trained professional field staff who work directly with our Scout and District leaders.

Donation Opportunities

To Schedule an FOS Presentation, or ask a question, contact the Council Service Center.

Friends of Scouting Resources and Information

The Unit Finance Incentive Program

Program Time Line

Units qualify for this program from the date they complete their Unit Family FOS Goal, as long as the presentation is held between November 1st, 2017 and March 31st, 2018.  They are eligible to receive the incentives until March 31st of the next calendar year.

How do you qualify for the Unit Finance Incentive Program

Your unit goal is based on your June 30th, 2017 membership multiplied by $75. It is critical that every family participates to the best of their ability and that each unit strive to grow.

What are the Unit Finance Incentives

Cub Scout Packs

  • Free Rank Advancement Patches 
  • Free Campsite rental at the Outdoor Education Center (this applies to site rental only.  All other fees still apply)
  • Free (one weekend) rental of campsite at Camp Cornhusker 
  • 10% Discounted Youth Fees for Cub Resident, Webelos Resident, and Day Camp
  • 10% Discounted Adult Fees for Cub Resident, Webelos Resident, and Day Camp

Boy Scout Troops, Teams, and Crews

  • Free Rank Advancement Patches
  • Free Eagle Kits
  • One Free Adult at Boy Scout Resident/High Plains Drifter Resident Camp
  • 10% Discounted Youth and Adult Fees at Camp Cornhusker Resident Camp
  • Free Campsite rental at the Outdoor Education Center (this applies to site rental only.  All other fees still apply)
  • Free (one weekend) rental of campsite at Camp Cornhusker 

NEW in 2018 – A Scout Gets Camp for Free

Participation by each family is important to continue the success of Scouting.  In 2018 any unit that has 65% of its registered families make a pledge/gift at or before the unit presentation will have a special gift.  A Scout whose family has contributed will be selected at random from each unit to get a free registration to the Cornhusker Council Camp of their choice. 

If the Scout is going to an out of council camp $50 will be deposited into the Unit Deposit Account in the Scout Shop; upon proof of registration at that camp being provided to the Council Service Center.

The winning Scout must be registered to be eligible. Donations of the Trailblazer Club will automatically be included in the 65% and selection.