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Long Tooth Circle

Long Tooth Circle

Welcome to the official web site of the Long Tooth Circle. We're glad you are visiting our site, the perfect place to keep current and up to date on all information relevant to you.

The Objectives of the Circle

  1. To establish a structure based on the Camp’s Mountain Man Program that will appeal to Scouters and be an encouragement for them to join the Circle.
  2. Use the LTC to encourage participation as Camp Staff and in other Council related groups i.e. Order of the Arrow, Wood Badge, high adventure bases, National Camping School, Jamborees, Alumni Associations, Philmont Training Center, etc
  3. Use the LTC to raise funds and labor to sustain the Camp and support new programs.  The LTC will not be in competition with already established Council fund raising programs since it is focused solely on the maintenance and perpetuation of Camp Cornhusker. 
  4. Use the LTC to advise, plan and institute innovative Camp programs while supporting ongoing Camp operations.  It is hoped members of the LTC would be also become members of the Council’s Camping Committee.   


Maintain Camp Cornhusker’s unique reputation with the manpower and funds needed for the continuation of an excellent camping experience through innovative programs that challenge both younger and older Scouts.  


Scouters from across the Council join the Long Tooth Circle to support Camp Cornhusker through volunteer time and donations to foster a sense of ownership. 

The Concept

The Long Tooth Circle (LTC) is an alumni association organization of adult Scouters of the  Cornhusker Council formed to perpetuate Camp Cornhusker. The LTC will be a logical extension of the already established Mountain Man Program (MMP).  All titles/names earned in the MMP will be retained.  A beaver tooth will be added to the Camp Gee-Gah already in use to signify membership in the Circle.  In keeping with the Mountain Man theme of Camp Cornhusker adults are expected to wear appropriate regalia of the Mountain Man era at Wednesday’s Rendezvous and to the LTC meeting afterwards.  Regalia and other LTC articles will be available for purchase in the Camp Trading Post after the meetings or can be home made.  The official regalia of the LTC Lodge will be: appropriate Mountain Man gear and Gee-Gah.  All organizations of the Council are taken into account and participation/membership in included for advancement in the LTC.  Therefore the LTC will not be in competition with any existing program but complement them all.  The LTC exists solely to perpetuate Camp Cornhusker

The Goal

To establish an organized group of Scouters who will commit to support Camp Cornhusker with volunteer labor and donations so that Camp Cornhusker can be sustained for future generations.