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So what just happened?

There have been many events leading up to your membership in the Lodge, and they are all part of a process we call symbolic progression.

Unit Elections
The first step in your induction was your unit election. You were chosen by the members of your unit because of something they saw in you. This selection was the first indication of your worthiness to be inducted into the Order.

Summer Camp Call-Out Ceremony
The next step in your induction was the Call-Out Ceremony. At this ceremony, you were officially recognized as a candidate. You were taken from the audience of your fellow scouts, and presented before the lodge, where you were called out and recognized as a candidate for membership in the Order.

The Ordeal Experience
When you arrived at our Ordeal, you were curious. Many questions floated in your head. Soon after you arrived, you were introduced to your Elangomat and the members of your clan. The Elangomat would be your friend throughout your Ordeal Experience. He is a member of the Lodge who would experience all the same things you would during the Ordeal.