Chief Standing Bear Patch

The Chief Standing Bear patch can be earned by youth or adults in Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, or Venturing, and is endorsed by the Nebraska Commission on Indian Affairs. The patch is worn as temporary insignia on the right pocket of the uniform. The purpose of the patch is to educate Scouts and Scouters about the contribution of Chief Standing Bear to civil rights, and to celebrate his role in the recognition of Native Americans as persons under the law.

The patch can be used as an activity across multiple ages, or even across units such as a pack and troop. To earn the patch, complete the the requirements listed below:

Chief Standing Bear Patch Requirements

To earn the patch, complete at least two of the following items from Information or Location, ideally at least one from Information (1-4) and one from Location (5-10). In addition, complete at least one item from the Today list (11-12) to learn about the modern activities of the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska.



1. Watch the reenactment of "The Trial of Standing Bear". This 24 minute video was recorded in the Nebraska Supreme Court chambers and organized by the Boy Scouts of America.

2. Read Standing Bear of the Ponca by Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve. This 46 page children's book tells the story of Chief Standing Bear in an approachable format that includes 7 illustrations. Published in 2013 by Bison Books, University of Nebraska Press.

3. Read I Am a Man by Joe Starita. This 288 page book brought the story of Chief Standing Bear to the broader public, resulting in modern commemorations. Published in 2008 by St. Martin's Press.

4. Read Standing Bear's Quest for Freedom by Lawrence Dwyer. Published in 2019 by KLD Books.




5. Visit the ancestral homeland of the Ponca, powwow grounds, community building, museum,  and a 10-foot bronze sculpture of Chief Standing Bear by Benjamin Victor—located just south of Niobrara State Park.

6. Visit the grave of White Buffalo in Laurel Hill Cemetery, north of Neligh, NE. White Buffalo was a baby girl who died during the forced march of the Ponca people from Niobrara to Oklahoma in 1877. The grave has been cared for by the community of Neligh ever since.

7. Visit the statues, map, and painting in Lincoln, NE. This includes:

  • a 10-foot bronze sculpture by Benjamin Victor on Centennial Mall six blocks north of the Capitol Building
  • a map laid into Centennial Mall, two blocks north of the Capitol Building, which traces the Nebraska portion of the path the Ponca were forced to walk
  • the bust of Chief Standing Bear inside the Capitol Building as part of the Nebraska Hall of Fame
  • the painting "The Ideal of Freedom" painted by Stephen Roberts which shows the trial of Chief Standing Bear, located in the Memorial Chamber, 14th floor of the Nebraska Capitol Building.

8. Visit the former location of the Federal Courthouse in Omaha, NE where in the 1879 trial Judge Elmer Dundy first ruled Native Americans as people under the law. The building was located on the southwest corner of 15th and Dodge. Look for the commemorative plaque inside the lobby of the Residence Inn hotel.

9. Visit the grave of Prairie Flower in Mount Pleasant Cemetery, north of Milford, NE. Prairie Flower was the daughter of Standing Bear who died during the forced march of the Ponca people from Niobrara to Oklahoma in 1877. Three days later his baby granddaughter died as well.

10. Walk or bike any portion of the "Chief Standing Bear Trail" from Beatrice to the Kansas border. This trail traces the path the Ponca were forced to walk on June 12, 1877. In May 2017, the trail was deeded to the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska.




11. Go to one of the Ponca service offices: 2523 Woodbine St, Niobrara, NE (M-F 8am – 4:30 pm) 125 6th St, Sioux City, IA (M-F 8am – 4:30 pm) 1800 Syracuse Ave, Norfolk, NE (M-F 8am – 4:30pm) 2602 J St, Omaha, NE (M-F 8am – 4:30 pm) 1701 E St, Lincoln, NE (M-F 8am – 4:30 pm) Introduce yourself and tell them you are working on your Chief Standing Bear patch for scouts. Find out information about the Ponca tribe today by exploring the bulletin board listing current tribal activities. What are three upcoming events? What service does the tribe provide that you did not expect them to provide? Discuss what you learned with an adult.

12. Website scavenger hunt. Go to and find

  • What are the next three events in the Calendar of Events?

  • Who is the Tribal Chairman of the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska?

  • What is a current program offered by the Environmental Program Department?

  • In what cities are there Ponca Health Clinics? Now go to and…

  • Read one of the Six Stories using the Flipbook Link. Be sure to listen to at least a part of the audio that includes the Ponca language.

  • Under Video, find a portion of the most recent Powwow which includes a dance. What materials do you see in the regalia worn by the dancers?

  • Under Galleries, find a set of images from an event which is not a Powow. Describe the clothes worn by different people in the images. It what ways is it similar to what you wear?

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