We need your help to make sure that every youth is able to be a Scout, no matter what their financial situation. Youth across Southeastern Nebraska want to be Scouts, but many worry they do not have the funds to pay for Scouting or find themselves in home situation where parents are not able to be involved.  We need your help to give those youth the gift of membership, books, uniforms and in some cases even hired staff to provide leadership.

Your Giving Tuesday donation will support all that Scouting offers.  Your gift helps: 

  • Parents who want to give the kids a strong moral compass.
  • Employers near you who are looking for hardworking young people who aren't intimidated by challenges.
  • Our community that depends on responsible citizens and leaders of integrity.

Your "Giving Tuesday" gift will keep the Cornhusker Council, Boy Scouts of America strong and help it grow to serve even more families. 

Give our Scouts the tools they need to succeed!

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  • - Steve Gade, VP Duncan Aviation

    "I donate to Scouting because I know the needs are real and no dollar is wasted."

  • - Larry Holmes, RE/MAX Broker/Owner

    "Boy Scouts, it helped shape my character and taught me leadership skills that have made me the person I am today."

  • - Jeff Steckman, VP Ag Loans

    “From my earliest years in Scouting I was taught to hold myself in high esteem for being a Scout. This was truly important in helping my self-confidence throughout my life. It has helped me take pride in many things, and proudly participating in the FOS campaign is one of them.”