Sign your Unit up for 2024 FALL POPCORN!


A great way for Scouts to earn money to pay for dues, renewals, and activities throughout the year. 

Sign-up to learn more about Fall popcorn sales. 



Popcorn Kernel (Chair) Information
Unit Type
If you are the Kernel for multiple units please sign up seperately for each unit
How many years have you been a popcorn Kernel?
How many Scouts do you need supplies for?

The following questions are not required but will be helpful to our committee in understanding selling processes with each unit. 

Thank you for your time!

How many of your registered Scouts DO NOT sell popcorn in your unit?
What reasons do you think that these families opt out of selling?
Does your unit offer a buyout for those families?
Does your unit mostly do store-front selling, or do you promote door to door sales?