This weeklong Day Camp is just right for any Cub Scout wanting to have fun and earn requirements toward your adventures during the summer.  Join us June 12-16th 2023, 8:00 am-4:00 pm. You will shoot BB-guns, archery, play games, go on adventures, and have a blast working on your rank with other Scouts from all over Cornhusker Council! Parents are encouraged to join in the fun at the Outdoor Education Center for 5 days of adventure. (Lion Cub (kindergarteners)  and Tiger Cub (1st Grade) parents MUST attend with child)

COMING SOON!  If your child is already a Cub Scout, please click here to register for day camp

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By participating in the program, parents will discover the adventure Scouting can provide their families with and the opportunity to be there the first time their Scout catches the big fish! Cost of this event also covers your initial membership into Cub Scouts and the Pack aligned with your School.

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This is a program with an amazing history and tradition, a sure-fire way to get more involved with your kids that puts the fun first.

Right off the bat, the Cub Scouts program starts with activities and skills that every kid will love. Academic and physical challenges don’t compete in the Cub Scouts; they complement one another. The whole program is centered around helping kids achieve and bringing you right along with them.

If you’re looking for a way to instill values into your children, look no further. Cub Scouts is fun with a purpose. From citizenship to stewardship and everything in between, the Cub Scouts provide the perfect foundation for youth.

Cub Scouts. Do your best. Have fun doing it.


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