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Cope Climbing

What is C.O.P.E.?

What Is Project COPE?

Project COPE is an acronym for Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience. It comprises a series of outdoor challenges, beginning with basic group initiative games and progressing to more complicated low-course and high-course activities. Some of these events involve a group effort, whereas others test individual skills and agility. Participants climb, swing, balance, jumpĀ and rappel as well as think through solutions to a variety of challenges. Most participants find that they can do much more than they initially thought they could.

Project COPE is an exciting outdoor activity that can attract and keep older boys in Scouting. It is designed to meet the needs of today's youth who are seeking more significant challenges to their physical and mental abilities. The underlying goals of a Project COPE course are consistent with the methods of Scouting. Group activities are ideal for emphasizing the patrol method and developing leadership. Individual activities help promote personal growth. Participation is entirely voluntary.

Objectives of Project COPE

Seven major goals are commonly associated with Project COPE activities:

  1. Leadership development
  2. Problem-solving
  3. Communication
  4. Self-esteem
  5. Trust
  6. Decision making
  7. Teamwork

A Project COPE course provides an opportunity for each participant to achieve success as an individual and as a member of a patrol or team. The activities are not designed to be competitive or to be races against time. The objectives include building teams; solving problems; making decisions; and developing trust, communication, leadership, and self-esteem as team members cooperate to achieve goals upon which they have agreed. The course is designed to foster personal growth in a shorter length of time than anything most people have experienced.