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Cope Climbing

COPE and Climbing

COPE and Climbing Programs


Young people today seek challenges. Climbing, rappelling and COPE activities offer them worthy opportunities to learn new skills, test themselves, and have a terrific time. It's hard to top the satisfaction of climbing a rock face, rappelling down a steep pitch, or shooting down a zip line.


The Cornhusker Council offers all of these opportunities through its COPE and Climbing programs. The climbing wall at the OEC, the COPE courses at both Camp Cornhusker and the OEC, and an enthusiastic and well-trained staff await to help you make these adventures a reality.

Climbing Wall Calendar

Who Can Participate in the COPE and Climbing Programs

Age- and rank-appropriate guidelines have been developed by the Boy Scouts of America based on the mental, physical, emotional and social maturity of its youth members. These guidelines apply to Cub Scout packs, Boy Scout troops, Varsity Scout teams and Venturing crews.