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Virtual Merit Badge Steps:

  • Register for a merit badge class below. (These may have multiple sessions to give Scouts time to complete requirements.)
  • Email your Scoutmaster for approval to begin the merit badge and so your advancement chair can log your activity in Scoutbook or by other means. (Scoutmasters can sign the Blue Card upon completion. The email approval will suffice for this process.)
  • After the class, you may begin your work on the merit badge. 
  • Complete the requirements per the Counselor's instruction. Some Counselors may have you send confirmation of your work and set follow-up group webinars
  • Scouts will receive a list of their accomplishments as approved by the merit badge counselor. Your Advancement Chair or Scoutmaster can enter the accomplishments into Scoutbook or create a Blue Card, whichever way your unit prefers.


Are you a merit badge counselor who would like to offer an online class? Please contact to get started!

Current Merit Badge Classes