Will Cover to be new Council Program Director

Will Cover to be new Council Program Director

The Cornhusker Council Executive Committee and Management team are excited to announce the promotion of William M Cover II from Senior District Executive of the Seven Feathers District to Program Director for the Cornhusker Council. The program director role will be phased in and become the staff partner for most council and district programs that take place after January 1st, 2018. The program director will be the staff partner to the Council Program Cabinet and through the cabinet be the staff partner to the district program functions. This includes the Training, Camping, Activities and Advancement committees of the districts and council. This position will provide support to each district by ensuring quality volunteers are recruited, supported and enabled to deliver exceptional programs for all youth in the Cornhusker Council.

Will has had a long track record with the Council as an excellent source of quality programs and we are confident he will continue to grow and develop quality programs for the youth and families of each district and the council. We will be working to fill the vacancy in the Seven Feathers District as soon as possible.

Please send questions or inquiries into the open position to Rob Gilkerson at