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COVID-19 Update from the Cornhusker Council 6/7/2021

Last week the Centers for Disease Control updated their guidance related to COVID-19 and we are seeing where local stores, companies, and school systems are updating their policies as a result.

The Outdoor Education Center

At this time, our Council’s OEC approach to COVID-19 will remain in lock step with the Lancaster county and Lincoln city mandated mask requirements i.e wearing masks is optional if you are vaccinated, and masks are required if you are not vaccinated. Masks will not be required for outdoor activities.

Unit Guidance:

· Continue to coordinate with your charter organization. Review national, state, and your local community’s public health guidance and do what works best for your unit and its families.

· As you have discussions and take actions within your unit, remember that not all families may agree your unit’s actions but as Scouts we are courteous, kind, and friendly.


· District meetings (District Committee, Commissioner, and Roundtable) will continue primarily in person using the Council/OEC guidelines previously mentioned.

Council Camping Operations

· Camps and activities will continue, following our recently communicated COVID-19 protocols. You can find the protocols for camping on our council website

We will continue to update you as conditions change. Thanks!


John Sumner

Scout Executive