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Unit Resources and Ideas

For all ages:

For Packs:

For Troops:

  • Don't miss your monthly campout. Organize a "Virtual Campout"
    • Every Scout must pitch a tent in their own backyard.
    • Virtual campsite inspection. Judging for tent location, background, camp accessories and more.
    • Who is your Camping Buddy? Parent, sibling, scout buddy, family pet, etc?
    • Post your Virtual Campfire to #CampfireFridayBSA and share with other scouts around the world!


  • Merit Badge Activities
    • Virtual Discussion: Note: Most merit badge requirements say "Discuss with Counselor". This does NOT mean filling out and turning in a worksheet (but could be one option.) Another option is do a phone call, virtual group conference chat (See virtual meetings below). Group email. Reminder for every discussion group per YPT -there should not be any 1-1 Adult/Youth discussions. Always include more than two (parent, scout buddy, another leader, etc.)
    • Merit Badge Research: - All merit badges require individual study before hand. Get the Merit badge booklet from your troop library or Amazon.
    • Check out these 58 Merit Badges that can be completed at home:
  • Check out Woodsmaster Will's Youtube videos for Scouting and Outdoor Skills!

Resources for Units