Cornhusker Council Response to COVID-19

COVID-19 Update from the 1/14/2022

Revised January 14, 2022

The safety of our Scouts, volunteers, employees, and communities continues to be our top priority. We must continue our vigilance to assure that youth and their families are safe while they enjoy the many benefits of Scouting.   

We encourage you to continue to follow the guidance from expert agencies and follow the measures that have become second nature to many - hand hygiene, masks, distancing, meeting and remaining at home if you have symptoms or feel bad.   

I am asking our individual Packs, troops, crews use good judgement and continue to meet if you feel as though it can be done safely. 

We encourage everyone to consult with their physician and get vaccinated. It is our best hope for returning to normalcy in our Scouting family.  

We must demonstrate that we are safe and are concerned with the health of all. The success of the Scouting program depends on conducting regular meetings and activities in a safe and responsible way.  

As always, please be mindful of the Scout Oath and Law as we continue to navigate a safe return to the activities we enjoy. 


John Sumner

Scout Executive




Please review the Scouting Risk Dial document below, and follow the links to your county's current risk dial.