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Camp Card Sales

If you are planning fun and exciting programs for your Scouts to participate in, then the Camp Card program is for you! Camp Cards offer a perfect way for your Scouts to “Earn their own way” to Adventure. The Cornhusker Council is excited to continue the Camp Card Program for Packs, Troops, and individual Scouts. This program is easy to participate in and easy for Scouts and families to support their Scouting activities.

Units participating in this program will earn 50% commission ($5) on each $10 Camp Card they sell.    Now is the time to Commit for your unit to participate in the Sale!

A unit is responsible for $5 for each card not returned back to the Council Service Center.

The card sells for $10, and the offers on the card give the buyer immediate savings greater than their investment… Each card will have several discounts worth $5 or more.


The Camp Card Sale will take place March 18th - April 26th, 2019


New this Year!

  • Cards will sell for $10 each, allowing Scouts to keep $5 from each sale to fund their adventures!
  • Each card provides you access to online deals in your area or wherever you travel! Click here to see more!
  • Each card will have more than 20 offers on them, many of them are able to be used more than once!  


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Item Est. Cost # of Cards that need to be sold
New Full Uniform $100 20 cards
Registration and Boy's Life $45 9 cards
Cub Scout Resident Camp $110 22 cards
New Tent $150 30 cards
Boy Scout Summer Camp $250 50 cards
Philmont $1,900 380 cards
Troop Trailer $5,000 40 Scouts each selling 25 cards