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Camp Card Sales

If you are planning fun and exciting programs for your Scouts to participate in, then the Camp Card program is for you! Camp Cards offer a perfect way for your Scouts to “Earn their own way” to Adventure. The Cornhusker Council is excited to continue the Camp Card Program for units. This program is easy to participate in and easy for Scouts and families to take advantage of. Sale will be March 19th-April 27th, 2018.

Units participating in this program will earn 50% commission ($2.50) on each $5 Camp Card they sell.    Now is the time to Commit for your unit to participate in the Sale!

The sale will begin on March 19th and run through April 27th giving units 6 weeks to sell and close out their accounts.  By signing up for a specific number of cards, your unit is committed to selling a minimum of 50% of those cards. For example: Unit orders 100 cards, unit must pay for a minimum of 50 cards @ $2.50/card

The card sells for $5, and the offers on the card give the buyer immediate savings greater than their investment… Each card will have several discounts worth $5 or more.

What is on the card?

New in 2018 we will have several editions of the Camp Card so that no matter where you live in the council you can sell a card that is relevant to your area.

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(Your Unit is committing to sell at least 50% of this number)