Community Activities for Scouts

Check back frequently for lists of events and volunteer opportunities for Scouts organized by other organizations.

Two Saltdog and Scouting experiences in 2017! On June 9th, take the whole family to an evening (and Overnight) at the ballpark. Then, on August 1st, the Lincoln Saltdogs along with the Cornhusker Council will host a day camp for Cub Scouts.

Volunteers needed to: plant 35 trees and 1000 plugs of prairie flowers and grasses, install gator bags on trees, spread mulch and water the plantings.

NE 150: Diverse Origins Program Sponsored by Cub Scouting at Nebraska State Capital Building and Grounds will take place Saturday, April 8 from 1:30 pm to 4:00 pm. Visit the official page:

We had a great time delivering the $60,000 dollars worth of military donated popcorn sold by Scouts! The Soldiers and families have said thank you very much as they pickup from their family gatherings and while on drill.