Boy Scouts

Camp Cornhusker Scholarships, Refund and Fees Policies

Refund Policy

  • The $50.00 per participant reservation fee is non-refundable. You will lose the $50.00 non-refundable deposit for each participant deducted from your reservation.
  • 30 days or more before day 1 of your scheduled week; 100% of payments to date, less $50 per person deposit, is refundable.
  • From 16-29 days before day 1 of your scheduled week; 50% of payments to date, less $50 per person deposit, is refundable.
  • Less than 15 days before day 1 of your scheduled week; no refund is available unless there has been a medical emergency.
  • All requests for refunds must be in writing to the Scout Executive, Cornhusker Council, BSA, 600 S 120th St, P.O. Box 269, Walton, NE 68461-0269. The postmark determines the date of a request for refunds.

Financial Assistance

Camp Scholarship Information

Forms for the Camping and Activity season as well as assistance to help purchase uniforms, books and membership registration are now available.   Exceptions will only be made for this rule if the applying Scout is brand new Boy Scout (having joined in late April or May) wanting to go to Summer Camp.  In that instance (and that instance only) the unit will need to submit the form as soon as possible after their joining date.

How Does the Program Work?

When a unit requests dollars from the Council, we do not write the unit (or the Scout a check).  Once approved, the money essentially takes the form of a fee reduction (EX: a $100 camp fee for a 50% scholarship would be reduced to $50).  Once we receive the application in office, you will receive a notification email within two business days.  Once this decision is made, the unit will be notified via E-Mail if the Scout's application was approved within five business days.  At that point, the Scout will owe for their full fee minus the scholarship (EX: the previously mentioned camp fee would mean that the Scout owes $50 still). 

Once the camp has concluded and the council office has verified that the Scout attended the event, and paid their portion of the fee, we will credit the respective program for the rest of the youth's fee (we will not credit the unit, or the family for any money spent toward camp). 

 If  a unit is concerned that their requests for assistance are delayed, they need to notify the Council Service Center as soon as possible.  We will not reimburse units if they choose to cover the boy's fees because of a delay in funding from the council. 

Additional Application Guidelines

In order to successfully fill out an application, you will need to ensure the following is in order:

  1. The youth applying for assistance is registered in Scouting, in your unit, in the Cornhusker Council.
  2. All Adults signing the form are actually registered with your specific unit, in the position requested (EX: a Den Leader may not sign off on the Committee Chairperson Signature Line), and are current in their youth protection training.   
  3. All Questions pertaining to you (with the exception of the request for the person's race, this is an optional question, but used to aide the council in supporting programming) on the form are answered in a legible manner.  Any ommittance will result in a denial and a new application will have to be filed. 
  4. One application is filed per youth, per request (EX: if Johnny Scout wants to attend Webelos Camp, Day Camp, and Family Camp, that will require three applications)
  5. In the extreme instance that a unit elects to fill out a form to request assistance for an adult leader who they feel is justified in attending camp, but cannot afford it, they will need to fill out the same form, and specifiy that it is an adult, by writing adult across the top of the form.  These applications will only be approved after consideration has been given to 100% of the youth applications.
  6. In order for an applicant to be considered a unit must do the following:
    1. Provide an opportunity for a Friends of Scouting presentation on an annual basis to the families of their unit.
    2. Provide an opportunity for all of their families to participate in both the fall and spring council sponsored product sale*
    3. Providing an opportunity for the Council sponsored product sale is accomplished by communicating with Michelle Austin at theCouncil Service Center of your intent to participate.  It is not required that all boys participate in order for you to meet this expectation, but that you make your families aware of the opportunity to do this fundraiser. 
  7. Please contact the Council Service Center with any additional questions.
  8. Once a decision has been made, the Committee Chairperson or Unit Leader (who ever listed their E-Mail on the back of the form) will be notified by E-Mail only within five business days.  Their District professional staff will be CCed on every final approval email sent..  Once a decision is made, it is final.  A unit is welcome to reapply for consideration, but no revision of any previous decisions will be made. 

PLEASE NOTE; Any forms received after the posted deadline will still be reviewed, but may not be granted full or any funds due to limited funds that year.