Scouts are invited to stay after the game and camp out at the Ice Box! Scouts will be able to skate on the ice and watch a movie on the new video board!

he Seven Feathers District Committee invites you to join us Saturday, February 23rd, 2019 at 6:00pm at 2 Brothers Blue Line BBQ located at 430 5th Street in Syracuse, to recognize the outstanding dedication of our amazing Seven Feathers District volunteers.and leaders. We will spend the evening reminiscing about a great year of Scouting

Spend a day at the Southeast Community College-Beatrice campus earning a couple Merit Badges. Be sure to check the Merit Badge Pamphlet to see if you need to complete something before coming.

To do anything well, people need training, in whatever form that takes. Training may be formal or informal; it may help someone learn to ride a bicycle, drive a car, or perform better at a job. Training can be conducted in a group setting or individually. In the end, the result of high-quality training is a person's ability to do something new or better, and a feeling of satisfaction from the accomplishment.

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